How To Avoid Childhood Obesity In Children

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This article's title : How To Avoid Childhood Obesity In Children
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How To Avoid Childhood Obesity In Children

How To Avoid Childhood Obesity In Children

How To Avoid Childhood Obesity In Children - Kids Nutrition has been taking center stage following the increasing number of childhood obesity case. Yes, the issue does not only affect children in the United States. Over the past few years, the issue has become an epidemic with more than 41 million reported cases. Said obesity cases are restricted to children under 5-years of age, cases are found both in developed and developing countries.

The actual number of cases is more than 41-million when children older than 5-years old are also accounted for. Cases in children aged 6 to 11 are doubled whereas in adolescents, it has tripled to 25-million. It would be an understatement to point out that childhood obesity is an incredibly serious issue. With the numbers grown 10-times more than the case over the last several years, we have work to do.

This crisis has become the number one concern of many parents. More and more of them find themselves wondering if there is a way to maintain their children healthy weight. This task may be easy to figure out on paper, but in reality it’s nothing short of overwhelming. More so when their children are a picky eater. What steps do parents have to take to eliminate childhoold obesity from their children lives?

Proper nutrition and active lifestyle

Being the parent, grocery shopping will be one of your household duties. The first key to maintain your children’s healthy weight is by purchasing wholesome, highly nutritious food items. Your home is the place where you can set solid foundation for your children’s proper nutrition. This is undeniably a good chance for you to introduce them to vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts.

Your children will eat whatever food items you give them, which is imperative for you to discipline yourself as well. There are times where parents become too burnt out to prepare healthy meals and succumb to the drive-thru. When you lean towards the drive-thru and over-processed sugary snacks, your children will be accustomed to such eating habit.

Do whatever you can to encourage healthy eating habit. Not sure as to where to start? Start by including milk and dairy products in lieu of soda or sugary beverages. You must also choose lean meat, fish, poultry and lentils and provide them with fruits, whole grain products, and vegetables. Encourage them to drink water and serve them reasonable portions.

What to do when your children are overweight

Children who are overweight will typically stay overweight the entire of their lives. Parents have to lend a helping hand because Weight loss is not something your children can do on their own. If your children are overweight, they are at risk for asthma, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, sleep apnea, cancers, and many more. Promptly schedule an appointment with pediatrician to get to the bottom of this.

Helping your children lose weight can be difficult. However, you can help by providing healthier food options and paying attention to portion sizes. Pediatrician will help with the appropriate portion. In many cases, you’re advised to maintain the weight of your children as they will get taller. On top of that, encouraging sports and active lifestyle will definitely help their Health fitness.[eela]

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