Which Of The Thousands Of “Fast Weight Loss Diets” Is Right For You?

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This article's title : Which Of The Thousands Of “Fast Weight Loss Diets” Is Right For You?
link : Which Of The Thousands Of “Fast Weight Loss Diets” Is Right For You?

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Which Of The Thousands Of “Fast Weight Loss Diets” Is Right For You?

Which Of The Thousands Of “Fast Weight Loss Diets” Is Right For You?
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Dieting is one of the most Googled, researched, and talked about subjects both online and in person. Everyone wants to either lose weight or to get healthy at a pace that is faster than traditional dieting and exercising. Traditional dieting is not so much as a diet, but it is an overall change in eating habits to support a complete lifestyle change. In theory, the ideal is optimal in some areas and lacking in others. Since it is a lifestyle change, you won’t have to worry about the weight coming back as you are making adjustments to continue your new eating habits. However, many people shy away from traditional dieting because it is not accelerated as other fad diets. Fad diets promise the fastest amount of weight loss in the shortest periods of time. Nonetheless, there are many fad diets to give people variety and options in their dieting efforts. Choosing the right one is a tough process.

Is the Atkins Diet Considered a Fast Weight Loss Diets?

One of the most popular diets is the Atkins Diet. Over the years, the Atkins Diet has become something more controversial in its components and rules more than any other diet. The concept behind the Atkins diet is based upon low-carbohydrates to no carbohydrates and high protein foods. Imagine eating steak topped with sauce and cheddar. That meal sounds scrumptious. The reason that the diet has caused such controversy is due to its severe limitation of carbohydrates. It is true that some bodies respond to carbohydrates more positively than others. However, in either case, carbohydrates are the building block of energy for every human being. 

Without carbohydrates, the body struggles to acquire energy from missing carbohydrates to perform tasks throughout the day. The Atkins Diet plays upon the lack of carbohydrates and higher protein to send the body into a fat burning mode, also known as ketosis. Ketosis works in obtaining energy not from carbohydrates but from carbon fragments. Carbon fragments are produced when the body breaks down protein and stored body fat.

 Consequentially, the body doesn’t run on energy from carbohydrates, but it runs on and burns stored fat. Ketosis also makes the body feel fuller longer. Protein consumption also does this. Those who have problems with portion control greatly benefit from this diet as ketosis and protein gives a full feeling. In essence, the body is no longer a carb burning mechanism but instead is a fat burning mechanism.  Many Atkins dieters have lost up to 20 pounds in as little as a few weeks, making this diet extremely fast for fat loss and weight loss. However, upon further examination, like other diets, once you stop the diet, the pounds are easy to pack back on.

How About the South Beach Diet, is That a Fast Weight Loss Diets?

The South Beach Diet, created in 2003 by cardiologist Arthur Agatston, proclaims to be a foolproof weight loss method.  The South Beach Diet is similar to that of the Atkins Diet in which carbohydrates are restricted in the beginning phases. The South Beach Diet does not require counting calories or carbohydrates which is why many South Beach Diet patrons opt for this type of diet over others like the Weight Watchers Diet. The South Beach Diet is sensible as it is less of a restrictive diet but more of a change in your overall eating habits. 

In fact, while the diet does not allow some carbohydrates that are high on the glycemic index, it does allow good carbs in some of the diet stages. The South Beach Diet is comprised of three phases. The first phase focuses on protein like seafood, skinless chicken and turkey, and beef. Fruit juices, fruit, pastas, starches like potatoes, bread and sugar are prohibited during this phase. High fiber foods like vegetables and even dairy are also encouraged during this phase. The second phase is a weight loss phase that lasts for as long as you want or until your weight loss goals are met. The second phase slowly incorporates some simple carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and whole wheat breads and pastas.

Phase three is a maintenance period in which you continue to be on the diet for life. You incorporate the lessons you have learned about eating and continue to use them to maintain your weight loss. In theory, this diet is great, but with that said, it is still a diet. Meaning, you will have to be on it literally until death in order to maintain the results. This is why this diet may not work for some. There may be times when following the diet is somewhat impractical especially when on the go. Also, this diet may deprive people of their favorite foods like pizza, ice cream or even their favorite pasta dish at olive garden. Overall, it is still a diet and makes it difficult to follow for life.

Other diets like Weight Watchers don’t actually focus on counting calories but instead on focuses on counting points. Based on your height weight and weight loss goal, you are only allotted so many points per day. Each food counts for so many points. This is more practical for people since you can eat almost anything that you want as long as so you don’t go over your allotted points for the day. However, as easy and practical as it is in terms of food, counting points is not so practical. Imagine having to self to take out your points counting guide at every meal to calculate how many points you’ve expended for the day. Making sure that your next meal doesn’t take up too many points so that there will be points for the next meal. The process is a little exasperating and time-consuming.

Other diets like Jenny Craig use pre-purchased food as part of the eating plan. You cannot eat other foods while on the diet which is extremely inconvenient. What if you run out of food or you cannot afford to continually purchase the food as your lifestyle or financial situation changes? You’re stuck gaining back the pounds that you worked so hard to keep off. The food is not cheap and is more of a mechanism to keep people purchasing food instead of following an actual meal plan. Overall it is also impractical.

All of these diets cause fast weight loss, usually seen within the first few weeks, however, these are diets that are restrictive, inconvenient, or time-consuming in one way or another. This is why people do not remain on Fast Weight Loss Diets like these long enough to see continual results: because they are simply not practical enough for regular people.[source]

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