Why A Weight Loss Detox Diet May Kill You!

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This article's title : Why A Weight Loss Detox Diet May Kill You!
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Why A Weight Loss Detox Diet May Kill You!

Why A Weight Loss Detox Diet May Kill You!

The pretty dramatic title, right? Well, while a weight loss detox diet may not actually kill you, you can bet your boots that it’s going to cause a few health problems – if you don’t do it right.

your weight loss detox diet can cause problems IF IT’S NOT DONE RIGHT!

But what does it mean to do a weight loss detox diet?

Weight Loss Detox Diet: The Detoxing

Detoxing is all about flushing toxins out of your body. You’ll find that toxins come in many shapes and sizes, and they come from all sorts of places where you’d least expect them.

  • Spending time out in the sun? Your sunscreen may actually contain chemicals that your skin will absorb.
  • Like some fast food? Processed, refined, artificial, and preservative-filled foods are all loaded with chemicals that your body turns into toxins.
  •  Want to look beautiful. Non-organic makeup often contains chemicals, which your skin absorbs and turns into toxins.

Going about your day? Being out in the pollution of your city means you come in contact with toxins, not to mention the cigarette smoke you run into.
As you can see, toxins come from everywhere, and they’re pretty hard to avoid.

The whole purpose of a detox diet is to flush them out of your system. Basically, you will stay away from any further toxins, and you eat only foods that will flush them out – raw, whole foods with lots of liquids. You avoid meats, starches, sugars, and anything else that will put more toxins into your body. Basically, for the few days, you’re on a detox, nothing goes into your body but liquid and raw foods.

Weight Loss Detox Diet: The Weight Loss

Now, does the detox diet work for weight loss? To be quite honest, it doesn’t.

When you detox, the food you eat is very low in calories, which means that your body does burn a bit of fat to keep your system functioning. However, with all of the glucose your body has stored up, it doesn’t need to tap into your fat stores. Within a few days of starting your detox diet, your body slows down – meaning it doesn’t need too many calories in order to function. This is why fatigue and headaches are so common while on detox diets.

So why can’t you lose weight while on a detox diet? Simple: Your body doesn’t need to burn fat. While detoxing, you’re probably hanging pretty close to the bathroom just in case the fiber and liquids go through your system too quickly. There’s no way you’re going to do exercise, as your body just can’t handle it. This means that your metabolic rate slows down, as there’s no need to burn a lot of calories for energy. It will produce just enough to keep your organs functioning properly, and no more. A slower metabolism means that you’re not burning extra calories – meaning no fat is burnt.

Did you know that you can actually cause health problems by slowing down your metabolism too much? You can cause yourself to gain a lot of weight after detoxing, as your body is running so slowly that eating normal amounts of food will overload it. Forget about all of the detox diet side effects, and just focus on the weight that you may gain after detoxing for a few days. That detox diet isn’t looking so good now, is it?

Weight Loss Detox Diet: The Healthy Diet

And now we come to the secret to a healthy weight loss detox diet: the combination of eating to lose weight, exercising, and detoxing occasionally.

Eating to lose weight means eating higher quality foods — whole foods loaded with nutrients, fruits, veggies, and lean protein — but eating less of it. If your body needs 2000 calories to function normally, it’s time to trim down your food intake to 1600 or 1700 calories per day. This will get the weight loss started, as it will take away from the calories that your body needs.

If you just diet, you’ll end up slowing down your body – just like with a detox. This is where exercise comes in handy! Exercise forces your body to keep up with the production of energy, ensuring that your metabolism keeps running at a proper rate. It stops your metabolism from slowing down, and will actually help your metabolism run faster. You’ll not only burn more calories, but the exercise you do will help to burn fat.

Now, through your exercise, you’re going to be sweating a lot, and the foods you are eating will be whole, toxin-free foods as much as possible. Throw in a day for detoxing each week, and you’ve got a wonderful way to flush the toxins out your body. Your metabolism won’t slow down, as it will be busy repairing your body from the exercise of the previous day. You’ll burn a whole lot of calories and fat, simply because you’ll consume nothing more than raw foods and liquids for 24 to 48 hours at a time.  As long as you keep your detox diet limited, you’ll find that adding it to your weight loss diet will be the key to losing weight while flushing all the toxins out of your system.

The truth is that a weight loss detox diet will be the healthy way to go, and it will ensure that you lose weight, get in shape, and detox your body safely. You could go all out and just detox for a week, but then you won’t lose weight. You need to focus on doing both, and the only way to do so is to follow the instructions above. It’s a fairly simple diet that almost anyone can follow, but it’s the best weight loss detox diet that you could use to lose weight and flush toxins out of your body![Source]

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