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Eradicating Children Malnutrition As A Part Of Global Health Target

Eradicating Children Malnutrition As A Part Of Global Health Target
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Malnutrition in children is one of the biggest global health threats we are facing in this age. Thousands of children all around the world are dying every single day because they don’t have access to food, let alone the nutritious ones.

This is a challenge that needs to be addressed holistically, not only by the parents, but also the governments and international organization. Here are some solutions that have been and can potentially be used to eradicate malnutrition in children.

Empowering Women

Many cases of children malnutrition, especially in the third world countries, happen due to the lack of prenatal care. The mother doesn’t have access to proper nutrition when she is pregnant. As a result, her child is born with plenty of health problems as well.

Failure to get prenatal care is not only caused by poverty but also the lack of women empowerment. Many women are still financially dependent on their husband without any skill to help looking for extra money for the family. Global health institutions are working very hard to solve this problem by encouraging women to actively participate in economic activities as well as providing easier access for prenatal care and other health information.

Providing More Nutritious School Lunch

Even though it is not as severe as in poor countries, children’s nutrition problem also often happens in developed countries. Just because the kids are eating a lot, it doesn’t mean that they consume proper nutrition. This is why many local governments start providing lunch with more balanced nutrition for schools in their area. One nutritious meal is not enough to ensure better children’s health. However, it really helps in providing better nutrition for kids who grow in poor families.

Subsidizing Fruits and Vegetables

According to studies done by the researchers at The University of Liverpool, a 10% subsidy for fruit and vegetables can give positive contribution to the public health. It is a fact that organic fruits and vegetables are very important for human’s health. Unfortunately, due to their expensive price, many people cannot afford them and they naturally go for simpler and more delicious option that is junk foods.

Subsidizing fruits and vegetables can be a great health policy that will help eradicating children malnutrition. Unfortunately, many governments are still reluctant to do this because this policy can be a burden to the country’s finance. This problem can actually be solved if the policy maker increases the tax for tobacco, for example, and use the extra money to subsidize healthier foods.

Educating Parents and the Communities About Kids Nutrition

Parents and the local communities play the most important role in ensuring that children get proper nutrition. Government or local health organizations can give health educations for the parents about the importance of giving children nutritious foods as well as how to choose the best foods which contain good nutrition for children development.

Malnutrition might sound trivial compared to other global health threats like climate change or contagious disease. But sick children will put a huge burden to the country’s economy so everybody needs to contribute in solving this problem.[YN]

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