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Obesity As Global Health Problem - The Effects And How To Treat It

Obesity As Global Health Problem - The Effects And How To Treat It
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Obesity has become one of the biggest global health concerns for these past several years. At least 30% of adults in the US are considered overweight and this number will keep growing if no efforts are taken to solve this problem.

If you feel that your waistline is increasing and your body mass index keeps getting higher, it is time to pay more attention to your health by losing some weight. You might feel healthy and fit now despite of your weight. However, the worst of effects of obesity are not always visible. Here are some of the effects of obesity that you need to be aware of, and hopefully will motivate you to lead a happier lifestyle.

The Dangerous Effects of Obesity

One of the most dangerous effects of obesity is organ damage. The worst thing about this is the damage will happen gradually and it will keep getting worse as your weight increasing. One of the organs that will be directly affected by obesity is the lungs. The excess fats can surround the lungs which will significantly reduce the air capacity of the organ. This is why overweight people often have trouble breathing and also sleep apnea because the excess fats blocked the airways.

Another organ that obese people need to worry about is the heart. As there are more fat tissues that need to live in your body, your heart will need to work harder to pump more blood and circulate them to the fat tissues. This extra activity also will put more pressure on the artery walls which will increase your blood pressure. Millions of dollars have been used to treat people with heart problems due to obesity and this is why obesity becomes one of the major global health problems.

The physical effects are indeed dangerous, but the psychological aftermath can even be scarier. We are living in a society where people who are not slim and don’t fit the society’s beauty standard are frequently mocked. It can cause confidence problems and even make the overweight patients hesitate to do activities in public because they are afraid of what the people will say about them. Even though nobody deserves to be mocked for their physical appearance, losing some weight is very important due to the danger obesity can bring.

How to Treat It

Losing weight is certainly the most important obesity treatment. However, when it comes to dieting for obese patients, it will be more than just eating healthy food or exercise regularly. The weight loss efforts and methods need to be supervised by doctors, nutritionists and also behavioral consultants.

The weight loss should happen gradually and most importantly will not negatively affect the patient’s health. It is important because most obesity patients have high blood pressure or bad heart and unsupervised diet can have negative influence for their health.

Now we know why obesity is a severe health issue and that is why it is considered as global health concerns. Therefore, even though the patient’s willingness to change is the key to get a better life, supports from the community, governments as well as international health institutions are also needed.[YN]

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