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Public Policies Strategy That Can Help Improving Public Health

Governments and international health institutions are trying hard to improve the quality of public health, Unfortunately, it is a quest that is very hard to complete. As the global economy faces more challenges, health disparities grow wider and more people cannot even access basic health care. To solve this problem, the governments in each country have been using public policy as a tool to improve the health care in their country. Here are some of those efforts.

Better Distribution of Health Care Facilities and Personnel

The most important thing in improving the people’s health quality is certainly to provide better healthcare facilities. It is not only about creating more facilities but also to distribute it well. This is very important because the truth is, big cities have the best health facilities with advanced medical tools and professional doctors.

Distributing it to rural areas and making it accessible to more people is the main problem. The government must find a way to reduce health disparities and guarantees that all the citizens can get easy access to health care despite their financial situation.

Banning Smoking in Public

Public Policies Strategy That Can Help Improving Public Health
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To improve public health, providing affordable health care and health institutions is not enough. The government must execute a health policy that can be a preventive measure against some dangerous diseases.

One of the most effective public policies related to health is banning public smoking. It is not a secret that cigarette is the mother of so many fatal diseases. The easiest solution to eliminate smoking’s bad effect on health is certainly to just ban cigarettes completely. Unfortunately, it is not feasible since the cigarette industry is one of the biggest industries in so many countries and banning cigarettes will be bad for the economy.

So, the most feasible solutions for this is to ban smoking in public places. The dangerous effect of smoking will affect passive smokers the most. So, even though banning smoking in public will not completely diminish fatal diseases caused by smoking, at least people who choose to be healthy by avoiding cigarettes will not get affected by it.

Providing Safer Road Access for Pedestrians and Cyclists

In this era, most people sit for hours in front of the computer to do their job. Furthermore, people rarely have time to exercise once the office hour is over. This lack of physical activity will lead to various health problems, from obesity to heart disease.

To solve this problem, some local governments provide bicycle track at the main road as well as a safer place for the pedestrians to walk.  This way, if you want to bike or walk to work, you can do it safely without having to worry that cars will seize your track.

It might be just a small effort, but with the right implementation, it gives people more opportunity to do physical activity in between their busy schedules so you can feel the real health benefits. Of course, the government can’t do this alone. This is why the governments also encourage NGO and local communities to participate in providing better health care and improving the quality of public health.[YN]

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