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The Art Of Eating Right - Health Information On Choosing The Best Food To Lose Weight

The Art Of Eating Right - Health Information On Choosing The Best Food To Lose Weight
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There is so many health information on dieting and maybe you are confused which one will be effective for you. Actually, people have different metabolism and this is why a weight loss method that works for other people might not work for you, what delivers fast result in other people might show slower progress with you. But if you want to do healthy diet and make sure that your lose weight effort will not affect your body negatively, you can follow these tips to choose which healthy food you should eat.

Cut the Carbs

Carbohydrate is a good source of energy. However, it is the one you should avoid if you want to lose weight. Carbohydrate can make losing weight more difficult because it improves the production of insulin in your body.
Insulin is a hormone that acts as fat storage. So, the more insulin you produce, there will be more fats stored in your body. Since the insulin protects the fat, your body will not be able to burn the fat as energy, as a result, you will not lose any weight even if you are physically active. If you are cutting your carbs intake, you definitely will start losing weight.

Eat More Protein

There is many health information that will tell you to cut your carbs intake. But if they don’t tell you to eat more proteins, then you shouldn’t trust that information. Just like what has been mentioned above, carbohydrate is a source of energy for your body. So, when you eat less carbs, you will feel less energized as well.

This is where the protein plays its role. Protein can be the alternative source for your body, in fact it is a healthier source of energy than carbohydrates. Protein is really good for losing weight because it is known to improve metabolism. Furthermore, consuming high protein also will reduce your craving for food and make you feel fuller faster.

Don’t Hesitate to Eat Fat

Fat might seem like a culprit behind weight gain and living a healthier lifestyle means you need to renounce fat. However, it is not completely true. Yes, fat can make you gain weight if you eat it along with carbohydrates. But since now you are on a low carbs diet, fat will not be as evil as usual.

In fact, you will need to eat more fat since it can be additional source of energy. Besides, not every fat is bad. As long as you choose the food well, fat can be very beneficial for your body.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

If you are hungry in between meals, don’t eat snacks that contain too much sugar or salt because it will not do anything good for your diet. Instead, eat more fruits as the substitute for snacks. Fruits are sweet and delicious and they contain natural sugar that will not ruin your diet. You can also fill your plate with vegetables while you are eating so you will feel full without consuming too much calorie. Most importantly, be careful on choosing which health information to trust so that your weight loss effort will not harm your body.[YN]

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