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The Importance Of Health Education To Reduce Cancer Risks

The Importance Of Health Education To Reduce Cancer Risks
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Providing public health education regarding cancer prevention is very crucial. As we know, cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in the world. Since up to this time, the most effective cure for cancer is yet to be found, it is very important to educate the public and encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle that can significantly reduce cancer risk.

Cancer treatments that are currently available can be very expensive, not to mention that they can really weaken your body. This is why many health educators and institutions are fighting really hard to raise the awareness about cancer prevention. Even though curing cancer is difficult, preventing it can be much easier than you thought. Here are some good habits that can help you live a cancer free life.

Tips to Prevent Cancer

·         Avoid Smoking

Encouraging the public to stop smoking is one of the most important aspects of health education. This is because tobacco contains thousands of chemicals and at least 100 of them have been proven to be the cause of cancer.

There are many types of cancer that can be triggered by smoking, such as lung cancer, kidney, cervix and also pancreatic cancer. The worst thing about tobacco is the fact that it doesn’t only affect the active smokers, but also the passive smokers.

Even though you are not smoking but you are constantly exposed to it, it is possible that the second-hand smoke can cause you lung cancer as well. Besides cancer, smoking also has plenty of toxit that can cause other dangerous diseases. So, when you avoid smoking, you are basically protecting yourself from the risks of so many diseases.

·         Consume Healthy Diet

Monitoring your diet also can help preventing cancer. A report from the Nurses’ Health Study suggests that excessive weight gain during adulthood will significantly increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

So, it is very important to maintain a healthy body weight, especially as you are getting older. Another study also shows that healthy diet that consists of high amount of fruits and vegetables will increase your body’s protective system against cancer. Make sure you also refrain from consuming too much unhealthy food and beverages, like alcohol for example. Besides tobacco, alcohol is also one of the leading causes of cancer, and it mostly related to throat cancer, liver and also breast cancer.

·         Get Routine Medical Checkup

There are some cases where even people with healthy lifestyle still get cancer. Usually, it happens when genetic factor is involved. Even though treating cancer can be very challenging and the doctor might need to try different medical care to find one that suit the patient, cancer can actually be cured if it is diagnosed early. This is why getting routine medical checkup is very important, especially if your family has a history of cancer.

Many people hesitate to get routine medical checkup because they are afraid of what the result might show. Health education is also dedicated to change this perspective. Besides taking prevention measure, examining your own body and be aware of any abnormality can be the key to recovery if you end up diagnosed with cancer.[YN]

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