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The Important Roles Of Health Education For Women’s Health

The Important Roles Of Health Education For Women’s Health
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Many people don’t know or doesn’t really care about the role of Health Education and Promotion to improve public health quality. But the truth is, it is a very important health job just like doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Curing the patients might not be health educators’ main job. But they are doing a noble work as well because they work hard to raise awareness regarding various health issues, and one of them is women’s health. Women’s health still becomes one of the biggest international public health problems because many women don’t have good access to proper health care. Here are some of the most important roles of Health Promotion officers to improve women’s health.

Encouraging Women to Take Preventive Health Care

Due to the biological differences, men and women will be exposed to different health risks and women are actually more prone to various fatal diseases. Some of the major causes of women’s death include breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Even though those diseases indeed can be fatal, they are actually can be cured and managed if diagnosed early. This is why health education is very important for women.

Many women are too afraid to get preventive health care because they think breast cancer or ovarian cancer is a death sentence. Furthermore, even though they want to get preventive health care, many of them don’t know how or where they should go, especially when money is an issue.

Giving Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

In some countries and cultures, it is taboo for women to talk about sex. As a result, many women don’t even understand about their sexual rights and reproductive system. This is the root for many diseases related to sexual and reproductive health in women. It also makes women more vulnerable to many dangerous sexual related diseases.

Health educators are eligible to educate women about this issue because they are trained in sexuality education. Furthermore, some university that offers Health Promotion and Education degree also offers minor studies in Women’s Health Issues so they are the right people to talk to if you have any questions regarding this issue.

Empowering Women Against the Boundary of Sociocultural Discrimination

The best thing about health educators is they are not only trained in health issues but also social issues since Health Promotion and Education basically a social study. So, they really understand that the core problems of women’s health issues are actually very complex.

It is not only about poverty or the lack or their reluctance to search for affordable health care, but also due to the boundaries set by sociocultural discrimination. It is not a secret that many cultures and countries still consider women as a second class citizen.

Women are not allowed to study or work which make them dependent to their spouse and their role in the economy are simply to be the consumer. This is also a very important role of health education for women, to make sure they put themselves first and poverty doesn’t get in the way between them and proper health care.[YN]

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