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4 Types Of Health Care Plans You Should Know Before Taking The Plan

4 Types Of Health Care Plans You Should Know Before Taking The Plan
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Health insurance is one of health care plans you must to think today. Health care insurance can cover hospital or medication treatment cost if something happen to you. There are 4 different types of health care plans and commonly offered by reputable insurance companies. Check the explanation below and choose the best type to support your plan. 

Health Maintenance Organization 

There are several benefits you get if you choose Health Maintenance Organization or HMO. By taking this type of health care plan, you get all health services. Because of that, you are able to choose your favorite health care providers. It means you also have wider option of paperwork so you can compare it with other plans. This is also a chance for you to get a primary care from a reputable doctor. Even, if it is necessary the plan leads you to the best specialist for better health care. What you need to know that the recommendation to visit specialist is need a referral first. The bill on Health Maintenance Organization is including premium, deductible, and co-insurance. 

Preferred Provider Organization 

The next type f health care plan is Preferred Provider Organization or PPO. The ability to choose the best health provider is not as wider as Health Maintenance Organization. There is also no referral to get specialist for specific medical treatment. The cost you need to spend is also higher then HMO especially if you take the out of network doctor. The main different is on amount of paperwork. You will get more paperwork than other plans although you are taking it from out of network providers. This type of insurance covers several things to pay. Those are including premium, deductible, co pay or insurance, and other cost.  

Exclusive Provider Organization 

Exclusive Provider Organization or EPO has similar benefits with PPO. For example, if you take EPO you will get wider or more freedom to choose the best health care provider and even wider than HMO. Moreover, referral is not needed if you want to get specialist for better medical treatment. What you need to notice is that EPO doesn’t cover out of network provider. It means if you choose a provider outside your network, you have to pay the cost fully. The premium cost for EPO is lower than PPO. You have to pay several things if you take Exclusive Provider Organization. Those are premium, deductible, copay or insurance, and other costs.

Point of Service Plan 

The last type of health care plan is Point of Service Plan or POS. Generally, POS is the combination between HMO and PPO. Because this is a combination health care plan, you have wider chance to choose the best provider more than HMO. There are also more paperwork although is not as many as the three types of health care plans above. By taking POS plan, you will get primary care doctor as well as recommendation to the specialist. The cost is lower than those three above since you just need to pay for premium, deductible, or copay or insurance without any additional cost. 

You don’t need to worry if you still confuse to choose the best one. Try to consult with the insurance company about everything related to health care plans including health care coverage.[yn]

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