Common Mental Health Disorders In Women

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Common Mental Health Disorders In Women

Common Mental Health Disorders In Women
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If there is one fact regarding Mental Health that is often overlooked, it’s the effect it has on women. Yes, mental health disorders may affect women differently. For example, some disorders such as anxiety and depression are less common in men than in women. Not only that, there are also a few particular types of depression which are incredibly unique and restricted to women.

In many of these cases, women typically experience symptoms related to mental disorders at the time of hormonal change. Pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, Perinatal disorder, Perimenopause depression, and many more. In other mental disorders, women may not be affected differently than men. However, majority of women experience certain symptoms that their male counterparts do not.

Researchers may not find a clear reason of the gender differences when it comes to this. But it is believed that a combination of social and environmental factors and biological factors play a major part. Understanding the most common mental health issues in women may help you understand the Health Care Solutions to choose.

Depression in women

At least 15-percent of the total number of women in this world will experience a type of depression at some point. This number may come off as a surprise as it nearly doubles the total number of men to suffer depression. The main risk factor is the cyclical biological changes in women. Unlike men, women have to go through several different biological changes in their entire lives.

This biological changes are very significant and may be very disruptive in nature. The negative effects that come with this cyclical shifts may create a disease or malfunction both physically and mentally. The flux and rush in hormones also plays an extremely significant role in women. For example, Post-partum blues and a full blown post-partum depression.

Anxiety in women

Studies show that women who are of puberty age, all through the age of 50, are prone to anxiety. It is also said that women are more than likely to develop a type of anxiety disorder compared to men. The common symptoms that become the warning signs of the onset of this disorder are as follows:

·         Incessant fear to the point they live fearfully

·         Increased worrying

·         Extreme fatigue or exhaustion

·         Unusual tension

It goes without saying that there are quite a lot of factors come into play when it comes to this disorder. However, both the cultural and social norms are cited to the major triggers or stressors. How women handle emotions is also. Unlike men who are used to externalizing their emotions, women tend to internalize it altogether. This may not be healthy in the long run.

Other than two of the aforementioned mental health disorders, women are also prone to eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. Both of these disorders obviously also affect men in general, however men are typically not as susceptible. In eating disorder case, for instance.

Women are prone to this disorder because of their own perception of themselves, and the societal beauty standards. As results, women end up trying to conform to the aforementioned standards and trying out everything with zero regards to Women's Health.[eela]

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