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Common Orthodontic Issues To Look Out For In Children

Common Orthodontic Issues To Look Out For In Children

Majority of our children will have Orthodontics problems at least once in their lives. While many of these conditions are not at all life-threatening, the pain it may cause can be very troublesome. Not only that, some orthodontic problems can actually serve as an early warning sign that gives you an indication. Yes, the signs may indicate that your children must immediately see an orthodontist.

It does not matter if your children already have all or majority of their baby teeth. In normal situation, their teeth will bite down a certain way in order to optimize their oral health and function. Unfortunately, similar to adults, their teeth may not be perfect naturally. When the imperfection is too great, it may cause a myriad of different issues. From oral hygiene and chewing, to esthetics and speech impediment.

This is the primary reason why we, as parents, must know the dental issues our children may have. That way we will be able to determine if we can help, or if they have to see an orthodontist. While it’s true that dental issues can be treated later on as it’s something that can be done at any age. It would be better if the issue is corrected fairly early on. Here are a few common dental issues that require Health Job.

Under bite, cross bite, over bite, and open bite

An under bite is a condition where the upper teeth are placed right behind the lower teeth. It’s considered as a severe condition that should be treated immediately while they are still at a young age. The fact that the upper jaw doesn’t grow at the same rate as the sufferer’s lower jaw makes it dangerous. If left untreated, your child will need extensive orthodontic treatment as well as jaw surgery.

Cross bite, on the other hand, is a condition where the upper jaw is extremely narrow. This results in lower jaw that has to swing to one particular side in order to mesh with back teeth. Over bite is when lower or upper teeth bite into the opposing gum, risking sufferers for gum damage. Open bite is a condition where the back teeth clasp together and the front do not.

Crowded teeth, buck teeth, and impacted teeth

With crowded teeth, sufferers may have teeth which are too small, too big, too close or too far apart. This results in poor alignment that does not only make it appear unattractive, but also impair speech and chewing difficulty. Buck teeth is a condition where the lower jaw does not grow enough whereas the upper one sticks out.

Buck teeth may appear adorable to some, however in many cases the protruded teeth are prone to damage. Last but not least is impacted teeth. Adults typically have this dental issue when their wisdom tooth comes out. In children, impacted teeth may happen when the teeth have insufficient space for them to erupt properly.

However, it’s worth noting that this condition is not to be confused with ectopic teeth. In the latter case, ectopic teeth are teeth which develop in a completely wrong position. To be absolutely sure of your children dental condition, visit orthodontist to ensure they get the needed Medial Treatment.[eela]

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