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Nutrition Tips From Medifast

Nutrition Tips from Medifast

Nutrition Tips - Medifast is an American nutrition and weight loss company based in Owings Mills, Maryland, committed to producing and selling weight loss and other health-related products. The company was founded in 1980 by William Vitale, a medical doctor, who sold his products to other doctors, who in turn prescribed them to their patients. The company is public and boasts a market capitalization of $405 million, as of October 2014. In 2010, Medifast was ranked number 1 on Forbes magazine's list of "America's 100 Best Small Companies". The company was ranked 18th as of the 2014 list.

Dedicated to promoting sustainable healthy living Medifast is encouraging everyone to make the most out of their meals while focusing both on nutrition and taste. Making informed food choices and including flavorful foods promotes sustainable healthy living, unlike crash dieting. Rather than trying crash diet or forcing yourself to eat something just because it is healthy, Medifast recommends fining foods that not only taste good for you but also nourish your body. Today the company will share some tips on how you can savor the taste of healthy eating.
  • Purify Your Palate. 
If you eating too much of processed foods you may become unable to appreciate subtle flavors in whole foods. But you can retrain your taste buds by adding more healthy foods to your every day menu. Of course, it would be too hard to eliminating all processed foods from your diet immediately. But it's quite realistic to start adding healthy foods in addition to the ones you're eating. To begin with, consider adding more vegetables to your meals as well as lean protein. Instead of disguising the taste of these foods with salt or butter try to enhance the flavor with various herbs and spices. You may pair new foods with foods you already like to make your meals more enjoyable.
  •  Meet Yourself Halfway. 
Many people change too much and too quickly when they decide to start eating healthy food. Without giving yourself time to adjust to new tastes you can quickly feel discouraged and the chances are that you will gradually revert to your old way of eating. If you're used to dining out often and simply can't or have no time to prepare every meal and snack from scratch. Fortunately you can find nutritious foods that are tasty and convenient at Medifast offering pre-portioned and portable meal replacements. 

Other foods that can be excellent healthy snacks are 100-calorie packs of nuts or guacamole, packets of squeezable peanut butter or yogurt, string cheese, and vegetables and fruits that require minimal preparation, like baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery hearts, bananas, apples, pears, etc. If it's too hard for you to get healthy food all the time consider mixing them with the ones you've grown to love eating and gradually increase the amount. For example, mix white rice with brown rice, skim milk with whole, butter with olive oil, etc.
  •  Patrol Your Pantry. 
Make sure you stock your kitchen with the desirable foods, and limit the availability of those you should refrain from. Carefully read nutrition labels to compare products and choose the best option. Focus on foods that have minimum salt or sugar added, it's always better to add your own if you need to. Purchase unsweetened cereals and yogurts and sweeten them with fresh or dried fruit. Keep healthy, convenient foods on hand so when you're hungry or are tempted by junk food, you can snack in a healthier way.
  • Be a Foodist. It's okay to be picky when it comes to your food. 
Try to choose the freshest foods you can find. Seasonal and locally grown produce have maximum flavor. If you come across fresh produce that doesn't seem ripe, simply store it in a paper bag with other fruits and vegetables to hasten ripening. Apples and tomatoes, for example, are best stored at room temperature. Choose fish that hasn't been frozen and do remember that farm-raised salmon tastes milder than wild-caught, but if you want the most flavor, wild-caught is the best option, and you will receive more omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Redefine Cooking. 
Cooking healthy meals doesn't mean hours slaving over the stove. You can easily create healthy dishes without even turning on your oven. Put frozen fruit, some spinach, and Greek yogurt into a blender and your breakfast is ready in minutes. Or try crudité with hummus or fruit with nut butter for a balanced snack. For a tasty lunch on the go just wrap deli meat or canned tuna in a lettuce leaf. You don't necessarily have to prepare foods every day. Store your fridge with cut and washed vegetables in Ziploc bags, hardboiled eggs, grilled chicken breast, and cooked grains to be used for making various salads. Or consider baking oatmeal in muffin tins to have breakfast ready in the morning.
  •  Less Is More. 
You will feel more satisfied with fewer calories by limiting flavors within meals. Multiple flavors in one meal actually stimulate the appetite, making it easier to overeat. This concerns most packaged foods, such as a sugary breakfast cereal with salty nuts or a spicy pasta sauce full of sugar. When preparing meals you had better avoid using different sauces, marinades, and dressings. Instead, try to use harmonized flavors on your plate. For example, if you're marinating chicken breast with lemon juice, have citrus vinaigrette with your salad and sprinkle grains with some lemon.
  • Barter for Balance. 
Don't think that you will have to change all your eating habits or give up your favorite foods. There are a variety of healthier alternatives to high-calorie foods that you will find enjoyable. For example, the Medifast Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar are great low-calorie desserts full or protein and fiber. Make sure you use Medifast Promo Codes to save on a variety of healthy foods.

If you're having a hard time giving up adding oil to sauté foods, try flavorful chicken or vegetable broth instead. Replace mayonnaise with mashed avocado, tahini, or non-fat Greek yogurt. When you bake, use applesauce or crushed pineapple to add moisture while reducing oil, and use whole-wheat, almond, or coconut flour for added fiber. If you don't mind natural sweeteners, experiment with stevia or monk fruit extract. And if you feel you need to cheat on your diet just remember to indulge in moderation and practice proper portion control.
  • Consider Factors Other than Taste.
It's easier to get accustomed to new healthier menu if the food you prepare is visually appealing, has an enticing aroma, and a satisfying texture. If you don't like the smell of cooked broccoli, add it raw to your dishes. Try to make healthy dishes part of your memorable moments, and you'll have pleasant associations with it every time you eat it again. Educate your family, friends, and even colleagues about healthy foods telling them that these foods are available and accessible. Healthy living includes wholesome eating as well as regular physical activity. Find an activity that you will enjoy and practice it to complement your healthy meal plan.

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