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Consuming Natural Morning Sickness Cures In Your Diet

Consuming Natural Morning Sickness Cures In Your Diet
Pregnant Women 

Consuming Natural Morning Sickness Cures In Your Diet - Those looking for natural morning sickness cures need only look at the contents of their fridge and cupboard. Lots of pregnant women tend to underestimate how much a simple change in diet can help with morning sickness, opting instead to use medication or other natural treatments to try and alleviate its symptoms.

Not to take anything away from these remedies, but following a proper diet can oftentimes be enough to rid yourself of the most stubborn morning sickness symptoms. Here's a list of diet dos and don'ts to help you keep morning sickness at bay.

1. Steer clear of spice and fries.

Avoiding foods that are either spicy or high in fat is an absolute must when dealing with morning sickness. These delicacies may be too much for you to handle, causing either nausea, heartburn, or both, since your body will most likely have trouble digesting them. Same goes for foods that have a rep for being acidic.

Sticking to bland foods, on the other hand, should help with morning sickness because they have a lesser chance of inducing a violent reaction in your body. They don't smell strong enough to trigger your nausea, either. And make a conscious effort not to eat foods that are too hot or too cold while you're at it; stick to room temperature goodies.

Given, centering your diet on food with a noticeable lack of taste and smell doesn't sound very appealing – until you consider the alternative. Trying to make the most of a flavorless meal is always better than spending the day with your head in the toilet.

2. Give in to that gut feeling.

Remember that episode in “Friends” where Phoebe, a steadfast vegetarian, suddenly took a bite out of Chandler's meat sandwich? If you know what episode I'm talking about, then you also know that Phoebe couldn't help herself because she was pregnant and “the baby wanted meat!”

My point is this: As a pregnant woman, you will get cravings. Lots and lots of them. You may even crave foods you have never eaten before or long for certain foods you would normally find disgusting. This is part of the beauty of pregnancy. Why? Because you now have every reason to indulge. 

Surprisingly, giving in to your cravings is one of the many natural morning sickness cures experts recommend. The logic is that if your body wants it, then its probably good for you.

Your body has a sixth sense for these things, which is also why it's normal to feel an aversion to some foods you would normally find delicious – like those under the “spice and fries” category. So no, this doesn't contradict the first item on this list, despite your feelings to the contrary.

3. Go nuts.

Snacking on protein every now and then is a staple in natural morning sickness cures as well. Though women tend to look for carbs when battling nausea, foods that are high in protein would do a better job of easing their morning sickness symptoms. Some examples of healthy foods chock full of protein include lean meat, seafood, legumes, dairy products, and of course, nuts.

We're halfway through our list of natural morning sickness cures. Now that you know what foods to eat (and what NOT to eat), it's time for you to know when to eat them. Let's move on to part two.

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