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Three Health Issues Perfect For Urgent Care

Three Health Issues Perfect For Urgent Care

Three Health Issues Perfect For Urgent Care - If you, your spouse or one of your children is not feeling well or has suffered an injury, you may not be confident in your choice of action. To decide whether the issue can wait for an office visit or is severe enough for the emergency room can be a harrowing decision. Luckily, walk-in urgent care is available to serve as a middle ground. Here are some of the more common situations that are perfect for urgent care.

The Vast Majority of Lacerations

If you cut your hand slicing apples for a pie or step on a piece of glass in bare feet, the wait at the emergency room for some simple stitches can be interminable. If you think the cut does need to be stitched up, you shouldn’t wait long to be seen. Urgent care facilities can treat lacerations, prescribe antibiotics to ward off infection and even boost your tetanus vaccination.

Sprains, Strains, and Possible Fractures

If your child has twisted his ankle and it’s swelling badly, you may hesitate to wait for an office visit but feel silly taking him to the ER. Urgent care will be able to take x-rays, determine if any damage has been done and prescribe pain medication. If you’ve slammed your fingers in the car door and aren’t sure if anything is broken or dislocated, urgent care is the place to go.

Acute Internal Pain

Plenty of people suffer from gallstones, kidney stones, recurrent bladder infections, angina, ovarian cysts and other extremely painful internal issues. However, sitting in the ER for hours to get help can just make it worse. An urgent care facility will be able to help quite quickly and get you back on the road to feeling better.

When a trip to the ER seems like an overreaction and waiting to see your primary care doctor is too long of a wait, urgent care bridges the gap nicely. Urgent care facilities are an excellent choice when you need help quickly.

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